The same visits arranged by subject in the AMBIENTS pages are here listed again, grouped according to the duration of the visit, considering Bissau as point of departure.
Some visits may appear in more than one group, when a shorter term (1 day or 2 days) may be sufficient to have a very quick vision, but if you will stay there one more day, you’ll learn more about the environment or you’ll follow more paths or you’ll can observe in the dawn some animals that are hidden during the day.
These last visits are those whose duration is indicated as 1 day or more, or at least 2 days.
There are visits within the islands that can be done in one day, but you need at least one day to reach the archipelago and one to go back and so they are all inserted between those requiring 3 days.
In almost all the places you can keep more than the suggested time and visit more things.

- 1 day
Places visible in one day, leaving Bissau in the morning for coming back in the evening or in the night; for example:
> Villages where to attend traditional ceremonies or participate in activities; historical sites; beaches near Bissau,
> Or even places that offer opportunities for longer visits, but if you have only one day you can see some interesting things.

- 2 days
Places where it is necessary or it is advisable to spend at least a couple of days; for example:
> National Parks where you can see the environment in a single day, but for observing the animals in the early morning you need at least to spend one night there,
> Parks and other places where if you’ll stay a few more days, you can see more things,
> Beaches at a distance of almost a half-day from Bissau, where if you’ll no stay at least one night you’ll only have a look at the environment, without enjoying it.

- 3 days
More remote locations or with more difficult access, such as islands or forests in the South, where sometimes you can get an idea of the environment even by staying one night, but staying at least a whole day, from morning to night, you would enjoy the best aspects of the place, you’ll rest from the travel stress and you would have the time to meet the local people.

- Tours
Proposals of travel across the country, which combine multiple visits.
They can gather more places with the same thematic aspects or present different aspects of culture and the nature of Guinea Bissau.
Custom tours and itineraries are also possible, depending on the time you can stay there, on your aims and interests and also on the events planned in the dates of your visit.
For that we suggest you o call or write to the address indicated on page CONTACTS.