The Carnival, the country’s main folklore event, in the year 2019 is from 2 to 5 March.

But as in all the countries of the world there are also other feasts, anniversaries and special occasions that involve the population and which can be of interest to tourists.

For example, in the past years the Bubaque Festival and the Cacheu food festival were organized.

We will point out here those that will be communicated in advance.

But it is possible that during the period in which you have planned your trip there are interesting events.

To know this you can write to the address indicated on the CONTACTS page.

Carnival dates until 2028:

2019: from 2 to 5 March

2020: from 22 to 25 February

2021: from 13 to 16 February

2022: from 26 February to 1st March

2023: from 18 to 21 February

2024: from 10 to 13 February

2025: from 1 to 4 March

2026: from 14 to 17 February

2027: from 6 to 9 February

2028: from 26 to 29 February

carnevale box

and other towns
Quinhamel, Cacheu in the continent
Bubaque on the islands

a big parade, with allegorical cars and people floating through the streets masked with animal heads, with the body painted or dressed with colorful clothes, dances, music, sale of foods, wine, beer ...


Location: Cacheu
Length: 2 days

Period: end of November
(ask for dates to the address indicated on page CONTACTS)

A festival that allows you to know the various aspects of the local cuisine in a festive atmosphere very well attended and with the opportunity to view performances and participate in guided visits.


Length of ceremonies:
4 days
(Saturday to Tuesday)

recommended visiting days:
one week or more

Join the most part of Carnival events, held in various parts of Guinea, till the last National Parades in Bissau.