The information contained on the pages of this site does not purport to present all the attractions of Guinea Bissau, but to offer an illustration of the main places of visit that encourage potential visitors to program a trip to the country.

To learn more about tourism, get more information and even get customized tourist package offers, you can find addresses to ask in the pages of this site below, apologizing if some addresses or phones may be no longer active.

  • to receive economic offers of complete tourist packages, by contacting one of the agencies associated with the Ecotourism Network, listed on the page LAND AND SEA TRANSPORTATION – TOURIST AGENCIES.

  • for information and hotel reservations only in the city of Bissau, by visiting the page HOTELS IN BISSAU

  • for information and hotel reservations in tourist locations, by visiting the page ACCOMMODATION IN TOURIST SITES
  • We wish everyone a good stay in Guinea Bissau.