zone: Bubaque island
duration: ½ ÷ 1 day
15 km from Bubaque: with bike or car
period: nov-jun

A Nice long beach in Bubaque with very fine sand; the city, the market, the museum, the villages, the sea ...

Bub01 Bruce

The Bruce beach is located at the opposite side of Bubaque, the main town of the island and regular ferry destination.

The beach is reachable by a dirt road about 15 km long, which is though in good conditions. You can drive down the road, or you can ask your hosts where to rent a bike.
The beach is long and white, there are no houses, and you can hardly see fishermen or inhabitants of the nearby villages.
Don't expect to find people providing food and drinks then, it's best if you bring it with you.
Although you can't exclude to run into someone who offers you food or souvenirs, or who comes to the beach to look after the cows laying down after grazing.

On clear days, from the beach you can see the the island that stands on the opposite side, Orangozinho.

If you are in Bubaque, don't just enjoy the Bruce Beach: go visit the town centre and observe its people, its Portuguese houses (which are actually pretty shabby, but they still have their charme), the birds resting on the boats and docks.
Visit the ethnological - naturalistic museum of the IBAP and go to the market.
And.... if you happen to visit during the carnival week, don't miss the parade (see CARNIVAL).
Outside the capital Bubaque, look at the villages along the way.
It's also worth taking a look at the beaches of Rubane Island, which is separated from Bubaque by a narrow sea branch standing between lush shores.
Another interesting activity is to sail down the channel, where the tide wedges between the islands, causing a remarkably strong flow.


Portuguese houses

Birds on the docks at sea

IBAP Museum

At the fish market

Return from the market
       The channel between Bubaque and Rubane

Along the canal

Rubane beach

Another beach in Rubane

Sunset from the ship

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