start: Eticoga or Orango P. Hotel
length: half to one day
by boat
season: nov-jun

You can feel yourself out of the world on these desert beaches with fine sand...

The perimeter of the island of Orango and the near island of Orangozinho is made up of a series of mangroves covered banks, sandy coves with tall palm trees, rocky capes with a distinctive rusty color. But in some places, instead of small coves, long beaches of very fine sand appear along the coast. All the beaches slope gently into the sea, and you can walk a long way before the water gets too deep to touch the bottom.

The best known beach is Orango Ponta Ameró.

It extends from Ponta Ameró, just in front of the Orango Park Hotel, to Ponta Canero, a few minutes walk from Eticoga, the loading dock for the weekly canoe between the islands. It is an incredibly long beach totally isolated, even if just few steps away from your hotel.

The other beach is Orangozinho Ponta Anó, it extends south of the cape, not far from the village of Acanho. It's beautiful and even more isolated than Orango beach, it is not reachable on foot, you have to go there by boat.

Bring food and drinks to both beaches, there are no vendors. You will likely meet women collecting shellfish in the sand in low tide, or animals looking for food on the beach.

With a boat available, visitors can stop in one of the many sandy coves along the coast or sail around the islands among vegetation that comes out of the water and many birds species (photos in the left column).

Below the maps of Orango and Orangozinho islands: the beaches are marked by a compass rose.

Warnings by the locals:

pay attention to stingrays, they hide in the sandy bottom; it is recommended not to walk barefoot or to drag your feet in the water, to avoid being stung by the rays spines.

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