Region: extreme South
Vehicle: car
length: 2 days or more
season: nov - jun
warning in foot trail

The greatest forest of the country, the most partnever cut by men, with wild animals, straights, beaches, history and traditional culture

Cantanhez coloboCantanhez Poilao

Things to see
As soon as you enter the forest you immediately see the variety of species of flora and fauna in the park.
Of interest:
- the forest,
- the monkeys and the chimpanzees,
- the pelicans and the migratory birds,
- the fabulous scenery of ponds, palms and mangroves.
Near Cantanhez it is possible to visit the Guiledje site, with a museum on the independence of Guinea Bissau (see GUILEDJE page).

Organization of the Park
Cantanhez Park is one of the National Parks managed by the IBAP.

The Cantanhez guides are better scientifically trained among those working in the Guinean parks, they are very accessible and under their guidance you will discover interesting facts about the forest, usually only known by scholars on that topic.

Cantanhez volo

Visiting itineraries
Numeruous itineraries have been set up to visit the park, offering the possibility of getting to know the different environments of the Park territory, from forests to islands, from mangroves to agricultural fields; to be covered on foot, by bicycle, on horseback or by canoe.

They can be grouped into 4 types:
- Forest (the heart of the Cantanhez forest),
- Land and sea (where the sea tongues enter the mainland),
- Islands (in front of the forest, with beautiful beaches full of migratory birds),
- Traditional culture (life and traditions of the villages within the park).
The itineraries have different degrees of difficulty to overcome, from those easy and accessible to all, two-day tours for experienced walkers (equipment is needed to stay in the forest overnight).
Some trails are marked, but it is always advisable to tackle the trails accompanied by Park guides, which is a guarantee for not getting lost or running into danger, but also because with their explanations you can better understand what you see and fully enjoy your visit.

Cantanhez Mappa
On the map an the side you can see the various itineraries. Clicking on the image you will be connected to the Ecocantanhez site, where you can see the details of each offer.
Also on site Ecocantanhez you can find advanced information and photos of what you will see in the Park, as well as lodging offerings.
In the lower right end corner of the menu page, ECOCANTANHEZ > ITINERÁRIOS, you can download the 4 pdf files in Portuguese with the itineraries divided by type and trails maps.

Getting there
Cantanhez is 248 km from Bissau, the last 60 km on forest road.
Travelling time is about 4 and a half hours.

Lodging and dining
You can sleep and eat at the park headquarters in the tabanca (village) of Iemberem, with cabins for 2 to 4 people and rooms with shared bathrooms in the main house.
Two cabins are also in Faro Sajuma, about 30 km before arriving in Iemberem.

In the center of Iemberem is possible to rent bicycles for excursions through the villages and the nearby forest.

TO BOOK:call or write to the address on CONTACTS page.