VARELA Varela_catao2

Region: extreme North-West
Vehicle: car
length: 2 days at least
season: nov - jun

The most famous and beautiful beaches of Guinea Bissau.
It's an half day trip from Bissau and there is a good aparthotel.

The village of Varela is located 16 km from São Domingos. It is surrounded by beautiful beaches, including fisherman's beach, Catão, Edjim, Djufunco, and many more hidden by thick vegetation. The air is fresh the tides are steady, but gentle.
There is also a proper beach, Varela, once a beautiful beach, which is currently experiencing soil erosion and a military base nearby, but still very charming.
Compared to the town of Cap Skring, slightly north, beyond the border with Senegal, the Varela beach area and its natural surroundings have preserved the scent and atmosphere of true Africa.

Fisherman's beach
So called because it is the place from where fishermen leave to go fishing, the beach is part of Varela beach.
Still hardly known, it is really beautiful, quiet, with still waters and lovely views.

Niquin Beach
An exotic place for those who want to discover the real Africa and its charm, is located 3 km from Varela beach, a place popular with tourists and suitable for fishing, worth discovering.

Catão Beach
The village of Catão is located 2 km from the road connecting São Domingos to Varela.
Probably the most beautiful beach in the Varela area. Well-known for the hippos that can sometimes be seen and for the beautiful birds that nest in the nearby mangroves.
A mean of transport (car or motorbike) is needed, to go just past the village, then you continue on foot to reach the beach, partly going through the mangroves.

Edjim Beach
13 km from the road connecting São Domingos and Varela, Edjim beach is considered an area of choice for those who want to enjoy not only beautiful beaches, but also to discover the charm of nature.

Stay in Varela a few days for other activities and excursions
The inhabitants of this area have a wealth of traditional festivals: the mothers feast (padidas), fanado and traditional dances.
The main activities are fishing, palm oil extraction, oyster harvesting and other agricultural activities.
Locals are very welcoming.

Those who have time to stop in Varela for few days, might have several opportunities to participate in one or more activities.
You can stay in the simple but very nice aparthotel "Chez Helene", a quiet and peaceful place surrounded by nature, with houses painted in African colors.
Here you can rent canoes, bicycles and fishing equipment.

Tourist packages for the region are organized by the hotel manager; these may include visits to nearby Senegal (port of Sucudjaque, Ziguinchor and Cap Skring).
They also organize hunting and fishing expeditions, for enthusiasts who cannot give up this activity.

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