ORANGO – ANGAGUMÉ Ancagume_collana

start: Eticoga or Orango P. Hotel
length: half day
easy foot trail
season: nov-jun

The ancient Orango Island main town, famous because the Queen Okinka Pampa lived there. Still today the community is governed by a Queen.

The following is an easy walk from the hotel or from the Orango Park house.

From the Orango Park Hotel the road starts on the long white beach, at the end of the beach it turns inland toward Eticoga, hosting site of the IBAP house.

Tabanca of Angagumé is a small village surrounded by tall trees.
Time has not changed the way of life in Tabanca: it is possible to meet the Queen during the visit, she is elected by the women in the village and remains in office for life. Once elected, she must leave her family and devote herself exclusively to the community.
Her authority is still recognized throughout the archipelago; fortunately today it's not like Queen Pampa, who is remembered for her power and her cruelty on the slave trade.

A special place to visit is the Mausoleum of Queen Pampa, not always open. A permit is required to visit the Mausoleum and must be requested from your accompanying guide. The Mausoleum is the resting place of the Queen and the whole royal family.


Worth of attention are the local arts and craft. Mainly reed mats and furniture made with very light local wood. The products are sold on the island and on the mainland.

The products are sold on the island and on the mainland.

The furniture at the Orangover Park Hotel was made by Angagumè artisans.

Activities in Tabanca include fishing and rice cultivation. Of notice are the rice containers placed under the jutting roofs of homes, to protect the harvest from the rain.


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