start: many towns
vehicle: car
length: 1 day
season: mar - jul

You can visit a village where people produces palm oil by traditional method, using a machine built and tested in Guinea Bissau.

The machines you will see in action produce more oil with less time and energy, burning less wood.
With a more refined extraction, the oil produced is of high quality, suitable for an healthy diet and prized on the market.
The increase in production allows producers to improve their living conditions, earning more.

Upon arrival visitors will find the village community engaged in the early stages of oil production, ie heating or beating.
During the day you will be able to see the intermediate and final phases (squeezing and clarification).

A lunch cooked by the village women is planned for noon.

Machine used for making palm oil

Palma impianto 2

The stages of production

a caldeiraaquecimentopilagem

the boiler                                           heating                                          beating


separation                                        squeezing                                           oil outflow

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