start: Bafatá
vehicle: car
length: 1 day
season: all the year

A little village close to Bafatá, where the inhabitants are specialized in building and in playing some musical instruments typical of “mandinga” culture.

It is an opportunity to spend a day in the heart of Guinea Bissau, in an environment still linked to traditional customs, a simple village, without modern comforts (i.e. there are no restrooms) and where we will share a traditional lunch.
For those who do not want to give up comfort, the visit can be done only in the morning or only in the afternoon, excluding lunch.

10.30 Arrival
10.30-11.00 Short visit of the tabanca with an introduction on the history and custom of the Djudius
11.00-12.00 Show of mandinga music and dances
12.00-13.30 Course on mandinga music and dances
13.30-15.00 Lunch
15.00-16.00 A presentation on how to make a balafon and a corá
16.00 Departure

The village of Tabató is located roughly 10 km from the city of Bafatá. Mainly distinguished by the dominance of the Mandingo tribe hailing from the Tumbucuto Kingdom of Mali, the village was founded by the tribe elders who brought traditional musical instruments from their land, such as the Balafon (picture above) and the Corá (picture on the right).
Today, at the national level, Tabató is the only one inhabited entirely by "djidius". The Balafon and the Corás are made according to the techniques handed down by the elderly.
Well known nationally, Tabató's fame has spread to many countries such as Canada and Portugal, where the elderly were able to open Balafon schools and pass on their skills.
This village is an example that many others could follow in the future on how to promote tourism and enhance the natural and cultural resources of Guinea - Bissau.
From time to time in recent years small group of tourists have been drown to Tabató, to learn more about the local culture, and discover a more traditional and authentic Africa.
The villagers welcome guests and stage a small performance of traditional music and dances.

Nearby lodging
You can spend the night in Bafata' and take advantage of a city visit.
Or you can spend the night in Saltinho, a little further south, at the hotel-restaurant overlooking the rapids of the rio Corubal(go to the page).

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