start: Bissau - Buba road
vehicle: car
length: half-an-houror more
or you can spend a night in the hotel

Rio Corubal rapids: an enjoyable moment to admire the landscape on the way to the South from Bissau or an overnight stop in the hotel overlooking the stream.


Shortly after crossing the Rio Gêba at Bambadinca, the road that runs South of Bissau meets the rio Corubal right where it forms the rapids of Saltinho. Saltinho_ponte4

They are so called because of the small drop, only few meters, but still a beautiful sight. The amount of water is greater just after the rainy season, it decreases a little during the dry season, but remains impressive.

From the suspended concrete bridge, that crosses the rio immediately downstream from the rapids, visitors can admire the full span of the waters splashing in the rocks. We urge, even the hurried visitors, to cross the bridge on foot.

From the bridge village women from nearby Sintchan Sabel can be seen on the rock terraces doing laundry and chatting with each other. You can go down to the river banks, just after the bridge, to watch them closely.

There is a restaurant/hotel by the bridge, you can stop for lunch or spend the night. Ask the manager directions for walks along the river, fishing rods can be rented to fish in the calmer waters downstream of the rapids.

An overnight stay in Saltinho is ideal if you wish to visit a nearby sight and return to Bissau the next day. One suggestion is a visit to the village of Tabató where musical instrument are made ( see THE BALAFONES OF TABATÓ page).

For this and other excursions, for reservations or information, call or write to the address shown on the CONTACTS page.

(glimpse of the garden overlooking the rio from a hotel entrance)