Here you can see the list of accommodation in tourist sites, managed by organizations members of the Network for Ecotourism, including operators like IBAP and some NGOs.

If some contacts prove to be no longer active, we apologize to the site visitors.

The list is shown by Regions, beginning from the continental part west and concluding with the islands.

South – Cantanhez
Faro Faro Sadjuma
Route to Iemberém, Park of Cantanhez
tel: (00245) 95 552 3358
offered services:
- 3 bungalow with 2 beds each, with private bathroom,
- restaurant with traditional dishes
- rural and agricultural tourism
Cantanh 3 Iemberém – In Cantanhez Park headquarters
tel: (00245) 95 552 3358 – website:
offered services:
- Bungalow DARI: 2 beds and private bathroom
- Bungalows BÚFALO and ELEFANTE: 4 beds each and private bathroom
- Apartment CUMBIJAN: 4 bedrooms with 2 beds each , living room and 2 common bathrooms
- restaurant
- elettrical supply from dark, cold running water
- low telephone network, no WiFi
Islands: Bubaque
Dora Casa Dora – Aparthotel Bubaque
tel: (+245) 96 6925836 / 95 5967714
email: – website:
offered services:
- 2 double bedrooms, 3 twin beds, 13 double rooms (used in pairs or individually),
- all with electricity, running water, private toilet and fan,
- Wifi internet, bar and restaurant with a terrace, lounge with a small library and television
- organization of cultural and environmental .
(for more information look at:
Wafaa Aparthotel WAFAA (WAFAA means confidence in arab)
tel, email and website: the same as Casa Dora, who manages both facilities .
It is a smaller and exclusive space (and more expensive), aimed for accommodating groups.
offered services:
- 8 double or twin rooms,
- private toilet and fan, electricity and running water ,
- Wifi, bar and restaurant, and a pool of fresh water
- cultural and environmental activities organized by Casa Dora .
Islands: Orango
OrangoParqueHotel_1 Orango Parque Hotel – Ponta Ameró (northern part of Orango, in front of Uno island)
tel: (00245) 95 5352446 / 96 6605015
email: – website:
offered services:
- 2 bungalows, each with 4 rooms (14 beds) and a suite with two bedrooms (3 beds), private bathrooms very accurate in every room, an additional bed for children under 5 years,
- Running water and electricity 24h / 24, hot water available on demand,
- furnishing from local craft
- low telephone network, no WiFi
- guided tours on request (see “Tours” in website)
Islands: Cruise Boat
AfrPrinc Africa Princess – Cruise Boat in South Bijagós
tel: (+245) 95 928 3386 / 95 517 8356 (+351) 91 722 4936 (+221) 77 645 7529
email: – website:
offered services:
- 2 cabins with double bed and 2 cabins with 2 beds and extra bed for child, air conditioning.
- Private bathroom, hot running water and electricity all day, without power generator noise,
- Bar, restaurant and solarium on the upper deck
- Fishing, navigation in the mangrove, visits to villages, a new beach every day
- Low telephone network, depending on the visited island, no WiFi
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